Beach Village Dentistry | Holistic Approach
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Holistic Approach

Beach Village Dentistry takes a holistic approach to patients, looking not only at teeth but at the patient as a whole. We think in terms of total body wellness - beyond brushing and flossing - to how the mouth and body affect each other. Preventive care and good dental hygiene are major components of good oral health but proper nutrition, lifestyle habits and general health conditions play an important role as well. Tooth grinding or clenching, smoking, and even nail biting can have major impact on dentition. We get to know our patients well so we are aware of their overall health and can therefore treat their teeth in an informed manner.

We also take a holistic approach to the materials we use. With fillings, the holistic approach is, “less is more”. We use the most biocompatible tooth-coloured restoration materials and apply non- to minimally-invasive procedures utilizing extra precautions to safely remove silver amalgam fillings nicluding non-latext dam and surgical grade air purification.

We use only digital radiography. This significantly reduces the radiation present in traditional dental x-rays and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals while giving us an almost instant image.

As part of our holistic and commitment to non-invasive methods, Beach Village Dental uses an intraoral camera and offers radiation free cavity detection using a transillumination device which picks up cracks in teeth and early cavities that are not yet visible on xrays. In addition we have a special “no drill” filling material for “barely there” cavities that works particularly well with children.

Our patients leave our office feeling better about their overall health and confident about their dental health.