Beach Village Dentistry | Esthetic Dentistry
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Esthetic Dentistry

Beautiful teeth raise self esteem and make us want to smile! Beach Village Dentistry is committed to helping you achieve your best possible smile. In addition to a consistent general dentistry care program, we use the following approaches in our esthetic treatments.

Bleaching Options:

– in office with Spadent
      – at- home bleaching trays
                           – internal bleaching – for darker teeth

Direct Cosmetic Bonding

– uses tooth-coloured composite materials to lighten or change the shape or length of a tooth, often to close spaces.

Indirect Bonding using:

– Veneers – these are lab-processed porcelain shells or facings that are bonded directly to the teeth and are more stain resistant and durable than direct bonding
– Crowns – will not only protect but also improve the look of heavily filled or mishapen teeth.