Beach Village Dentistry | About Us
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About Us

Dr. Anne Marie Frackowiak

Dr. Frackowiak has been practicing dentistry at her current location in the Beach for twenty years. In 1999 when Dr. Wood retired, Dr. Frackowiak took over the practice and has recently renamed it Beach Village Dentistry to reflect the strong relationship she enjoys with the community. Clients benefit from Dr. Frackowiak’s commitment to implementaion of the latest dental practices as well as from her holistic approach to dentistry that benefits patients of all ages.

Dr. Barbara      Frackowiak

Dr. Barbara Frackowiak has been practicing Orthodontics for nearly 20 years. Committed to groundbreaking techniques and equipment, her patients benefit from more modern appraoches that can be less invasive for patients who are most often children. Dr. Frackowiak pursues a “whole body” or holistic approach ot orthodontics that is grounded in leading edge scientific research, ultimately creating beautiful, healthy smiles.

Beach Village Dentistry           

Dr. Anne Marie Frackowiak and her sister, Dr. Barbara Frackowiak provide clients with a complete suite of dental and orthodontic services from their comfortable Beach office. A dental office for decades, many clients are locals who the team has come to know well. Committed to a holistic approach to dentistry and orthodontics, and to implementing the latest non-invasive technologies, you and your family are in skilled, caring hands at Beach Village Dental.

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